GATFACS Winter Conference

January 29-31, 2020
Savannah, Georgia

Lead CTAE Graduation

The LEAD CTAE program is a powerful and inspiring experience! You will see CTAE and the inner workings of your district, region and state in a new light. You will embark on a journey that will change your professional life. Every session entices you to be engaged as you learn about yourself and those that work around you. After each session you will have obtained knowledge, strategies and connections that can be used in your classrooms, labs, schools and community immediately. Further, the relationships and contacts that you make through LEAD will help you become a better leader, educator, counselor, and/or administrator. As a LEAD graduate from group 3 this program has opened so many doors and has introduced me to so many other educators, administrators, department of education staff, and legislators that I am proud to call colleagues and friends.

Finally, Lynne Wilson, “Mama Lynn,” is very meticulous about every detail of each session from the accommodations & transportation to the cuisine provided. LEAD CTAE is the MOST REWARDING professional development program that I have experienced!! I would encourage every eligible CTAE teacher to apply until you are selected. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!

Georgia Future Educators Signing Day